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"celebrating the diversity in music education and performance"

April 30- May 2, 2021

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The Claxton Powell Music Festival was created as a way to honor Jeanetta Hopkins'  ( founder of Bull City Music School) family and their lineage of musicians. The festival celebrates the diversity in music education and performance through music of underrepresented composers. This is an opportunity for music lovers, educators and performers to engage in meaningful dialogue in an atmosphere of unity.



Where creativity and culture are celebrated

Imagine a festival where  classical and contemporary musicians and enthusiasts converge to celebrate and perform works of under represented composers, showcase new performers and give back to the arts community all in one place. 

The Claxton Powell Music Festival will bring together new talent mixed with fresh voices. Join us online for the inaugural event, April 30- May 2.

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Jeanetta Hopkins


Curator, Executive Director of Bull City Music School, Jeanetta is a sought after music pedagogue and speaker.

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Joe Williams

Pianist and Recitalist

Celebrator, artistic director, advocate and pianist, Joe will enlighten and thrill guests as he performs solo piano works.

DeAndrea Hargett.jpg

DeAndrea Hargett

Soprano and Recitalist

Prepare to be mesmerized by the sweet sounds from DeAndrea Hargrett, accompanied by Cloie Dobias.

Indiria Evertt.jpg

Indiria Everett


Experience original works by Indiria Everett that will inspire one to compose and perform.


Travanti Hill

Baritone and Recitalist

Explore the sacred texts of  Spirituals and more during this electrifying performance.


Dwayne Jordan

Percussionist and Recitalist

Percussion extraordinaire, Dwayne Jordan takes  each guest on a rhythmic excursion to explore the depths of diverse percussive music.


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Dialogue in D Major

Thought provoking conversations to enlighten, engage and educate. Walk away with actionable tips to use.

Piano Player


Experience the artistry of guest performers as they dazzle you while performing works of Florence Price and more. You don't want to miss it!

Yoga Session
Mental Health

Musically and Mentally Sound

Musicians entertain and heal the crowds but who really takes care of the musicians mental health?

The Claxton Powell Music Festival
The Claxton Powell Music Festival
Friday is the keynote address!
Join the CPMF for a Virtual Event

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The Claxton Powell Music Festival is a fund raiser for Bull City Performing Arts, the non profit section of Bull City Music School. The proceeds from the event will help to fund music scholarships, intensive music training and arts outreach to the community.
All donations are tax deductible.
Phone: (919) 423-5701
Email :
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